Project News

We collect data and test green modules

At the beginning of the growing season, plant species were planted that were selected from calcareous grasslands and propagated in a nursery at the IETU. The plants are characterised by different growth forms and functional properties and come from the native flora (native species were selected for both the module in Poland and Norway). They are characterised by their resilience to stress factors that occur in the urban environment, such as: different access to water resources, high/low temperatures or pollution. For the Polish module, Festuca ovina, Potentilla reptans, Trifolium repens, Sedum acre, Dianthus carthusianorum, Salvinia verticillata, Fragaria viridis, Achillea millefolium or Carex flacca were selected. The planting was done on the roof of the module (green roof) as well as on the green wall and at the foot of the module. Along with the planting of the plants, all green module condition monitoring systems were launched.

The system that supplies the module with energy, which was launched in autumn 2022, consists of photovoltaic panels, a small energy storage system and an inverter that supports all of the above mentioned elements as well as the communication infrastructure, was supplied this year with monitoring of air parameters (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, particulate matter) and an irrigation system consisting of humidity and soil temperature sensors as well as pump controller both server-side controlled. During this season, data will be collected and the irrigation system will be optimized, taking into account the frequency of measurements (battery life), the change in the water capacity of the pots (depending on the species and the amount of roots in the pot). Currently, all data is collected in the time series databse for demonstrators in Poland and Norway, and soon it will be visualized on an application created for this purpose. Application was prepared in the PWA (Progressive Web App) approach, enabling data preview in a standard web approach as well as in the form of a native application (desktop/mobile). Currently, all collected data is available to members of the consortium.

Demonstration of the green self-sustainable, smart module wil take place during Final Conference - Mitigating the effects of climate change in the city - self-sustainable, smart module for urban green infrastructure - Katowice, Poland 14.09.2023 - read more...


foto galeria modul 08 2023