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The 2nd Regeneration of Industrial Cities Congress with the participation of the Mod4Grin project

Self-sustainable, Smart Module for City Green Infrastructure, developed under the MOD4GRIN project, was presented 7.06.2022 by Prof. Marta Pogrzeba – IETU Director as part of the Panel Climate change and water management in a regenerative city at 2nd International Congress – Climatic Regeneration of Cities.
The discussion panel concerned the following topics:
- cities resilient to climate change,
- water self-sufficiency in cities,
- increasing the efficiency of water management,
- rainwater management solutions.
During the speech, Dr. M. Pogrzeba also presented other solutions, including “nature based solutions” in the field of sustainable water management, increasing the possibilities of rainwater retention in cities.

The 2nd Regeneration of Industrial Cities Congress was focused on policies and processes of urban regeneration seen through the lens of climate change adaptation. The aims of the Congress was to share domestic and international experiences of cities that have taken action to adapt to climate change from different spatial, demographic, economic and environmental perspectives, and to formulate recommendations – addressed to the Polish spatial policy and multi-stakeholder urban policy – in terms of local adaptation strategies.


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