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Project News

ESOF 2022

MOD4GrIn - Self-sustainable, Smart Module for City Green Infrastructure was presented at EuroScience2022 Katowice Regional Site in the Science for Local government panel. Prof. Marta Pogrzeba from IETU in the presentation “Adaptation of cities to climate change and examples of good post-industrial land development” presented the practical solutions for the introduction of blue-green infrastructure - nature based solutions, which is MOD4GrIn module.

She also presented the effects of applying the solution in the city, for example:

- reduction of air pollution and urban heat island (UHI),
- carbon sequestration,
- increase of urban biodiversity,
- pollination,
- improving the quality of life of the population and the visual attractiveness of cities.

The 2nd Regeneration of Industrial Cities Congress with the participation of the Mod4Grin project

Self-sustainable, Smart Module for City Green Infrastructure, developed under the MOD4GRIN project, was presented 7.06.2022 by Prof. Marta Pogrzeba – IETU Director as part of the Panel Climate change and water management in a regenerative city at 2nd International Congress – Climatic Regeneration of Cities.
The discussion panel concerned the following topics:
- cities resilient to climate change,
- water self-sufficiency in cities,
- increasing the efficiency of water management,
- rainwater management solutions.
During the speech, Dr. M. Pogrzeba also presented other solutions, including “nature based solutions” in the field of sustainable water management, increasing the possibilities of rainwater retention in cities.

Mod4GrIn project at Dresden Nexus Conference 2022: Biodiversity – Stewardship for Vital Resources

Mod4GrIn project was presented at the Dresden Nexus Conference 2022: Biodiversity - Stewardship for Vital Resources (23-25 May 2022). Prof. Marta Pogrzeba presented the main assumptions and goals of the Mod4GrIn project, especially its innovative approach to shaping green infrastructure in the city through the use of intelligent self-sufficient modules.

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